Are we talking enough about the resurrection?

Are we talking enough about the resurrection?
Ian McNaughton
Ian McNaughton Rev Ian McNaughton DipTh, ThM (Westminster Theological Seminary, Philadelphia), is Chairman of Answers in Genesis (UK/Europe) and also had articles published in Reformation Today.
04 April, 2022 7 min read

‘The resurrection is the most important article of our faith.’
– John Calvin

The resurrection receives special attention in the Gospels because it lies at the heart of the Christian faith.

Take it away and all that’s left of Christianity is another religion whose founder is dead and whose teachings can be superseded in the years to come.

However, honest readers of the Bible must agree that Scripture teaches without reservation or contradiction that Jesus Christ rose from the dead on the third day.

A group of women arrived at Jesus’s tomb early on Sunday morning to continue their burial preparations on Jesus’s body. They expected to find a corpse just where they had laid it two days before, but they found the stone rolled away and the tomb vacant (Luke 24:1-3).

The Bible states that an angel of God had removed the stone (Matthew 28:2). A short time later, the risen Saviour appeared to Mary Magdalene.

The Bible proclaims the fact of Christ’s resurrection, but it does not attempt to describe the process. It simply tells us what happened and expects us to believe it. To reject Christ’s resurrection is to reject the testimony of the Holy Scriptures.

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