Banned ‘abortion reversal’ doctor takes his case to the High Court

Banned ‘abortion reversal’ doctor takes his case to the High Court
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
29 March, 2022 1 min read

An NHS doctor who was banned from saving unborn babies has taken his case to the High Court to reverse the 18-month sanction.

Dr Dermot Kearney, a former President of the Catholic Medical Association (UK), was barred from providing emergency abortion pill rescue therapy (APR).

He was banned for up to 18 months by an Interim Orders Tribunal, following a referral from the General Medical Council (GMC).

The therapy involves administering the natural hormone progesterone to a pregnant woman who wishes to urgently reverse the effects of the first abortion pill, mifepristone.

Since the introduction of ‘pills by post’ abortion, which was originally brought in during the 2020 lockdown but has not been revoked, many women have instantly regretted taking the first abortion pill.

Instead of taking the second pill, many have sought emergency support to save their pregnancy.

To date, 32 women who received APR treatment from Dr Kearney have given birth to healthy babies. But the ban was slapped on him in May 2021 by the GMC.

Supported by the Christian Legal Centre (CLC), Dr Kearney’s case hearing began on 24 February at the Royal Courts of Justice.

Andrea Williams, chief executive of the CLC, said, ‘The ban on Dr Kearney is wrong and should be reversed.

‘We have seen many women immediately regret taking the first abortion pill. Dr Kearney offers the possibility of saving the pregnancy when this happens. He should have the freedom to do it.

‘Abortion providers are putting women on a conveyer belt which means once they start the abortion process, they have to go through with it and are pressured to do so or left with no alternatives.

‘Women should be properly informed, as a matter of course, that the baby’s death is not inevitable after the first pill is taken.

‘Women who immediately regret taking the first abortion pill and who urgently need support to try and save the pregnancy are being denied access to care due to this ban. Many women feel unbelievably grateful to Dr Kearney for helping them to save their babies.’

ET staff writer
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