Being Christian After Christendom

Being Christian After Christendom
Phil Heaps
Phil Heaps Phil serves as pastor of Highbury Baptist Church
13 May, 2024 1 min read

Authors: David Rietveld
Publisher: Wipf & Stock
267 pages
Purchase from: Amazon (£25)

Where are we? How did we get here? What went wrong? What is the solution? Australian David Rietveld addresses these questions in his thought-provoking book.

His central idea is that we in the West are in the midst of a huge cultural transition from a Christian worldview (CWV) to a post-Christian worldview (PCWV). In the CWV, God is assumed, along with right and wrong, Jesus, the Bible, and an afterlife (even if a person’s ideas about each one is fuzzy). The Church upholds this moral fabric (whether or not a person attends). The PCWV centres around the individual, with freedom, self-expression, and non-judgmental affirmation as fundamental. The Church is viewed with suspicion, as part of an oppressive past. This is deeply unsettling for Christians, who find themselves ‘feeling like barbeque salesmen at a vegetarian convention’.

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