Bible Burning

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 May, 2011 1 min read

Bible Burning

Christians and UN workers in Afghanistan have been killed and many more put in danger of their lives, when Muslims took to the streets as a direct result of a US pastor burning copies of the Koran.
   After controversial Florida pastor Terry Jones finally pressed ahead with his Koran burning, there were extreme demonstrations in the streets of Afghanistan.
   Mr Jones said the resulting violence was proof that action needed to be taken against the Islamic threat, according to AP news reports.
   AP said that at least five Afghan civilians were killed in the south of the country during a protest against the burning.
   In Kabul, a small group of burka-clad insurgents attacked a coalition base, Camp Phoenix, although they caused only light injuries to three soldiers, police and NATO-led troops. However, their attacks came just a day after protesters overran a UN compound and killed at least seven international staff in the worst ever attack on the UN in the country.
   The Taliban has claimed responsibility for the attack on Camp Phoenix.

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