Building for Banchory

Ian Forbes
01 May, 2011 1 min read

Building for Banchory

A new church building has been unveiled for Banchory Christian Fellowship, near Aberdeen. This has been meeting in a local school for ten years, since its first service was held.
   God has blessed the work and on the last Saturday in March, the fellowship rejoiced in God’s gracious provision, as we held opening services for the new building. The building includes a 300-seat sanctuary, games hall and classrooms for our growing children’s and young people’s work.
   The building project has been watched with curiosity by the community as it read our noticeboard saying, ‘This building is being erected to the glory of God’. Many were sceptical that a church of less than 100 members could raise the finance for such an ambitious project.
   As well as two opening services, we held a civic reception for local dignitaries, builders, architects and others involved; each guest receiving a gift bag that included an evangelistic book and an invitation to our services.
   The following week was a well advertised open week and every day brought a steady stream of visitors to view our facilities. We pray that the many conversations over a cup of tea will yet bear fruit.
   Invitations to visit were accepted by a local children’s nursery and by a special needs centre, local nursing home and other groups.  
   Our pastor, Rev. Stuart Keir, was able to lead an Easter service for 300 children from the local primary school, and this was another opportunity to show parents and teachers around the building. A coffee morning was busy, with roughly 200 ladies visiting, all of whom received a gift of Christian literature.
   Much prayer is needed as we follow up these contacts, including prayer that we will indeed use this beautiful new building, in this growing town, ‘to the glory of God’.
Ian Forbes

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