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Canada: Pastor jailed during Covid is cleared of all charges

Canada: Pastor jailed during Covid is cleared of all charges
Tim Stephens | Fairview Baptist Church/Facebook
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
18 November, 2022 1 min read

A Canadian pastor who spent 21 days in jail when he was accused of violating Covid-19 lockdown rules has had the charges against him dropped.

Tim Stephens, from Fairview Baptist Church in Calgary, was arrested in 2021 for hosting in-person services beyond the attendance cap imposed by local Covid regulations.

But Provincial Court Judge Allan Fradsham ruled that the prosecution had failed to prove that Mr Stephens broke social distancing rules during worship services held at the church on 28 February and 7 March 2021.

Mr Stephens’s lawyers said, ‘We are pleased that the Court has acquitted Pastor Stephens on the charges of not complying with a public health order.’

They added, ‘This decision sets the record straight about the justifiability of his actions and about the importance of respecting Charter rights and freedoms.’

Mr Stephens tweeted, ‘This is vindication, not only for me, but vindication that the government grossly abused their power.

‘In all of this, I rejoice since the gospel of Jesus Christ went forth in power, and Christ built his church. All glory to God!’

ET staff writer
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