Caught in the Web: Life a a Christian in the days of Bloody Queen Mary

Caught in the Web: Life a a Christian in the days of Bloody Queen Mary
Jacqueline Pountney
01 May, 2007 1 min read

Author: Faith Cook
Publisher: Evangelical Press
262 pages
Purchase from: Eden (£9.97)

This is another excellent book from Faith Cook. Revolving around the life and faith of the young Lady Jane Grey, it follows the story of a fictitious character called Hal living in this turbulent Tudor period of English history.

Many of the characters in the book are historical and the events that happen are based on known facts and records.

The story follows Hal’s life through childhood to adulthood. Faith Cook uses him to introduce the reader to the political and religious events of the Tudor period. Influenced by his association with Lady Jane Grey, Hal grow from a boy with little understanding of the gospel to a man who knows the Lord as his Saviour.

The reader is not spared the harsh treatment meted out to Bible-believing Christians under the reign of Queen Mary, and Hal has to endure persecution for the sake of his faith.

The book is not written as a novel but as a ‘narrative’ and the early chapters in particular are largely factual. But as the story expands, it becomes difficult to put the book down.

There are plenty of notes at the back of the book about the historical facts, as well as a glossary of historical and archaic terms and plenty of illustrations. I thoroughly enjoyed this book and would recommend it to all.

Jacqueline Pountney

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