Christian Heroines: Just Like You

Christian Heroines: Just Like You
Christian Heroines Just Like You
Lyn Davies Lyn lives in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
01 October, 2009 1 min read

As the title implies, this book gives us an insight into the lives of ordinary women who have suffered much hardship and persecution for their faith. From slave girls to noblewomen they paid a high price for the stand they took.

Each of the 21 short chapters tells what it cost them to remain faithful to the Lord Jesus Christ. Some of them suffered ill-health while others were separated from their husbands and children. Others were thrown out of their homes or rejected by their families, but almost all were martyrs for their faith.

There are four sections to the book: the early church; the Reformation; the Covenanters; and, finally, modern missionaries and Christians. Each section begins with some ideas for ‘Things to do’ and after each character’s story there is a ‘Look it up’ section, which makes a connection with several Bible verses. Unfortunately, there are typographical and spelling errors.

Although it is quite a readable little book, each account is harrowing as well as moving as we read of the steadfastness of each heroine. I would hesitate, however, to recommend it to some 9-14 year olds –– the intended readership. It is important that our young people understand the cost of discipleship, but these are extreme situations.

The author concludes the book with a timely reminder: ‘If you live in a country where it is illegal to physically persecute people for their faith that is something to be thankful for. Make the most of it. Other Christians from other countries do not have the privileges that you have. If you have a Bible in your own language you are very blessed –– so take the opportunity to read it. You do not know if you will always be allowed such freedom.’

Lyn lives in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
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