Christmas Evans – no ordinary preacher

Christmas Evans – no ordinary preacher
Lowri Iorwerth
12 June, 2019 1 min read

One thing is certain: this book is a conversation starter. Whenever I left my copy on the coffee table, visitors would pick it up and ask in bemused tones, ‘What sort of a name is Christmas Evans?’

I knew a little about Christmas Evans before reading this, but as I read I began to realise he was not dubbed ‘the John Bunyan of Wales’ for nothing.  I learnt of the far-reaching effect of his ministry all over Wales, and that we have Christmas Evans to thank for gospel witness in Anglesey today. It might be fairer to call him the ‘remarkable itinerant evangelist of Wales’.

This is the story of how God can transform a poor, illiterate man with a difficult childhood and fiery temper into a faithful husband, caring minister and mighty man of God. It inspires and challenges.

Even after God had reformed Christmas’ character, he faced many struggles in his ministry and home life. By not glossing over these incidents, Tim Shenton allows the reader to see the real man. The way God remained faithful to Evans through adversity and doubt is something we can all relate to.

I enjoyed reading this book. It gave me a fuller understanding of my Christian heritage and I was encouraged through reading of the way the Lord worked in Wales during the time Christmas Evans was ministering his Word.

This book will be of greatest interest to those who are keen historians. Some knowledge of Welsh geography might also be useful and you may need to practise pronouncing your double ‘l’s before reading it aloud!

Lowri Iorwerth


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