A welcome result, but vigilance is still needed

A welcome result, but vigilance is still needed
Ashers Bakery
Mike Judge
Mike Judge Mike Judge. Editor of Evangelical Times, and pastor of Chorlton Evangelical Church in Manchester.
19 January, 2022 1 min read

We welcome the decision by the European Court of Human Rights to throw out the appeal in the Ashers case. No one should be compelled to go against their conscience and promote political slogans they disagree with. But the determination of activists to push this all the way to Europe should be a warning to us all.

We very much hope the McArthur family can now put this legal nightmare behind them. They did not seek the spotlight, they were thrust into it by an aggressive prosecution pursued by the tax-payer funded Equality Commission. However, while the McArthurs did not seek the glare of the media and the courts, they handled it remarkably well. They were gracious, measured, and principled throughout.

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