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Communicating the gospel by Preaching

Communicating the gospel by Preaching
JP Earnest
04 April, 2024 3 min read

It would be a very callous person who discovered an antidote to a deadly disease but kept it to themselves. Yet have we not as believers discovered the cure to the deadliest thing known to man – sin? We know good news, and it is our responsibility and privilege to make that known to a world full of bad news. C. H. Spurgeon remarked, ‘Have you no wish for others to be saved? Then you’re not saved yourself, be sure of that!’

In Romans 9:1-3, the apostle Paul revealed that his great heartache was that many of his fellow countrymen were unsaved. Paul didn’t just lament their spiritual condition; his heart’s desire was that they would be saved. Paul wasn’t just moved with compassion; his love for the lost moved him to action.

We see this exemplified in the Lord Jesus. Looking upon the multitudes of people, ‘He was moved with compassion for them’ (Matthew 9:36). That love moved him to the cross to give his life for the sheep.


It is important, therefore, to cultivate an evangelistic ministry in pulpits and on pavements. The God of the Bible is evangelistic. He himself preached the first gospel message in the garden of Eden and continued to proclaim good news throughout the Scriptures.

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