Creationism in the US

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 June, 2012 1 min read

Creationism in the US

UK scientist and creationist Professor Andy McIntosh has ‘learned great lessons’ during his time in Montana and Idaho in the US.
   According to the Leeds University academic, much work has been done on dinosaur bones casting doubt over the initial readings of pro-evolutionary scientists.
   He said, ‘The meetings in Bozeman, Montana, were organised by the Montana Origins Research Effort. I learned much. For instance, I spoke to Otis Kline from the Glendive Dinosaur and Fossil Museum and heard first-hand of his C14 dating of dinosaur bones he had dug up and analysed.
   ‘He got significant readings of C14, and, while these are subject to assumptions and so give tens of thousands of years, the point is that there should be no C14 at all if they really were millions of years old!’
   Prof. McIntosh said there was enthusiasm for all the creationist talks and much interest in the books. He added: ‘The work in the US is critical, as so many young people are leaving the churches because they have not been taught carefully scriptural theology and the scientific data which supports the young earth position.
   ‘Pray for the US churches. We owe much to US believers and we need to stand with them as they seek to battle in seminaries and universities on creation issues’.
   During May, Prof. McIntosh was scheduled to attend several meetings in Poland, as well as take part in a radio debate on Premier Christian Radio in the UK.

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