David Cameron and gay marriage

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
31 August, 2012 1 min read

David Cameron and gay marriage

Christian Concern has launched an email campaign to get Christians to lobby their constituent MPs after David Cameron confirmed his determination to redefine marriage by 2015.
   His comments, made at special reception for homosexual celebrities and activists at Downing Street, spurred Christian Concern to design a template message for people to use to write to their MPs and express disappointment in the Prime Minister’s active plans to change the definition of marriage.
   In a statement, Christian Concern wrote, ‘It is sad that the PM appears to be setting himself up against God and his Word on this issue. Please pray for our leaders at this time’.
   Meanwhile, Mike Judge of the Christian Institute warned that Mr Cameron’s comments that the church was ‘locking out’ gays because of its support for traditional marriage proved that the Prime Minister is intolerant of Christians who disagree with him.
   Mr Judge said, ‘It is incredibly arrogant of him to tell churches what religious beliefs they should and shouldn’t hold. No wonder huge swathes of churchgoers are suspicious of his motives. Just hours earlier, he was entertaining the Queen, who is the supreme governor of the Church of England.
   ‘Voters would rather he was working to boost the flagging economy, not meddling with marriage and lecturing the church. The plans to redefine marriage are unnecessary, unpopular, divisive, and a vote-loser. It is high time they were dumped’.
   According to the Daily Mail, David Cameron’s plan to redefine marriage has caused a huge plunge in Conservative Party membership. Since Mr Cameron took over in 2005, party membership has dropped by 60 per cent, from 300,000 to below 130,000 members.

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