Discovering God in Stories from the Bible

Discovering God in Stories from the Bible
Discovering God
Malcolm Evans
01 February, 2011 1 min read

The book consists of thirteen chapters, each looking at one of the attributes of God. There is also a study guide at the end for each chapter, with questions and suggestions for further study.

My initial expectation from the title had been that each chapter would start with a story and then bring out the relevant attribute of God. Instead, the attribute is first described, and then a Bible story examined to show the attribute illustrated in practice. However, on getting past that misunderstanding, my enthusiasm for the book grew and grew.

I was challenged and encouraged by every chapter, or rather by every one of God’s attributes covered. The chapter on God being eternal particularly stretched my mind. To be reminded of the vastness, and in the end our lack of comprehension, of God in all his being is very challenging.

A comment by Alistair Begg on the back of the book says, ‘It takes peculiar skill to provide an explanation of God’s attributes that both feeds the mind and stirs the heart’. I agree with him that Philip Ryken achieves this, and more.

The study guide appears a useful addition to the book and would be helpful for groups or for an individual. The author quotes many other sources in the text and these are clearly noted, with good indices both of words and Scripture references. I thoroughly recommend this book.

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