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Elisha John Masih inducted in Wattisham

Elisha John Masih inducted in Wattisham
Rev Elisha John Masih (third from right)
Janet Lovell
25 July, 2023 1 min read

A momentous and most happy day took place in the life of the Baptist church at Wattisham, Suffolk, on 15 April when new pastor Revd Elisha John Masih was formally inducted.

The church had been without a pastor for some twenty years, but had gratefully been sustained by a number of faithful ministers who put themselves out to supply the preaching of God’s Word.

The service was conducted by Revd Stephen Hyde (Redhill). A statement was made by a deacon of the church (Peter Lovell), summarising the church’s call of Revd Masih, particularly his being providentially brought among them, the great blessing and benefit of his ministry, and his pastoral abilities.

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