EMW (South Wales) day

Mike Leaves
01 January, 2012 1 min read

EMW (South Wales) day

150 people gathered on the first Saturday in October for the annual South Wales Evangelical Movement of Wales day. There were preaching services and seminars, with young and old coming together for fellowship and good ministry.
   The venue was Emmanuel Evangelical Church, Newport. The two main speakers were Mike Mellor from Bournemouth and Chris Rees from Narberth, Pembrokeshire. There was a good mix of people present, from all over South Wales.
   Mr Mellor preached at the opening session, appealing from Acts 1 that we go out with the gospel in the Holy Spirit’s enabling and power. He spoke with some humour, but there was a powerful message to do the work of an evangelist in our streets, schools and work-places.
   Mr Rees, preaching at the last session, challenged everyone to make sure they had a saving faith in Christ and to get serious in serving the Lord Jesus.
   In between these main sessions, there was time to browse the books, drink coffee and catch up with old friends, before going to one of three seminars. These were: ‘The future of young people’s work and Sunday schools’, led by David Norbury (EMW); ‘Going out with the gospel’, Mike Mellor; and ‘Reaching our Muslim neighbours’, Fari Boosheri.
   Attendees reported the seminars good and profitable. I went to the one led by Mr Boosheri, an Iranian living in Wales. He gave his testimony and spoke about the dos and don’ts of speaking to a Muslim.
   He closed with the important message that winning a Muslim for Christ cannot be done just by argument and debate, but by prayer and the work of the Holy Spirit.
   There were contributions from Stephen James of Daylight Christian Prison Trust, and Mr Norbury on EMW’s work. The day finished just before 6.00pm, leaving the mind buzzing with new thoughts, and hearts stirred and encouraged.
Mike Leaves

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