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Encouraging your pastor

Encouraging your pastor
Jeremy Walker
Jeremy Walker Jeremy is the pastor of Maidenbower Baptist Church in Crawley.
22 June, 2023 3 min read

We all value biblical advice from our elders, the first ones to whom we turn for counsel. Jeremy Walker outlines the kind of answer he might give to a question received at the chapel door.

I heard someone say that we should not encourage our pastors, lest they be puffed up with pride. Is that true?

I am encouraged that you are asking, but I am afraid that is a nonsense close to a wickedness, a most un-Christlike attitude!

In fairness, perhaps that person is thinking of men who crave and even demand human approval, who feed off applause, who lap up adulation. Perhaps he has seen fawning and flattery of men in the pulpit and is rightly fearful of it.

But all that has nothing to do with true encouragement and exhortation – properly speaking, to impart comfort, consolation, and confidence in the face of trials and troubles.

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