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Engaging cult members with the gospel

Engaging cult members with the gospel
Tony Brown
Tony Brown Speaker for Reachout Trust and member of Sunbridge Road Mission, Bradford.
04 March, 2023 3 min read

Have you ever tried sharing the gospel with a Jehovah’s Witness? How did you get on? Many Christians have told me how frustrating they found it. ‘It’s a waste of time,’ I’m told, ‘they just don’t listen!’ Or, ‘They know the Bible too well!’

Sharing the gospel with cult members is indeed hard work. There is no silver bullet speech you can memorise which will reduce any cult member to their knees in repentance. But there is hope, and accounts abound of those who have left cults to find true salvation in Christ.

To take the pressure off ourselves when speaking to cult members, we must recall that we cannot save anyone. Our job is to share the gospel, leaving room for the Holy Spirit to convict people of their sin and need of Jesus.

Our part is to share truth in such a way that, as the cult member leaves our doorstep, they will ‘hobble’ because we have put a stone in their shoe – in other words, something to think about which is not easy to forget.

Perhaps the first problem we have is that we often don’t have a plan. Cult members usually catch us unaware and unprepared. I would suggest that we prepare just one thing, one topic that we feel comfortable sharing with the next cult member we encounter. Moreover, here are three simple techniques that can be utilised next time you hear that knock at the door.

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