01 (January 2016)

Ephesians for You

Ephesians for You
Tony Pietersen Tony is the pastor of Emmanuel Church, Workington.
01 January, 2016 1 min read

‘Read your Bible, pray every day and you’ll grow, grow, grow.’ What a delightful and true Sunday school reminder this is! Scripture is an essential part of Christian life; understanding its message is of utmost importance for this life and the next.

There is, sadly, a contrasting modern trend which impugns the relevance and lucidity of the Bible. Many give up reading or attempting to understand it either privately or in church. If you face struggles in this area, then give this book a prayerful read as it takes you through Ephesians.

It is a refreshing and helpful resource to assist both new Christians and seasoned pastors in understanding Ephesians. Many hours of preparation evidently went into its preparation.

It tackles difficult doctrines in a clear and helpful way and shows the epistle’s relevance for today. The glossary and end-of-chapter questions for reflection help too in understanding and with personal application of the Word.

This can be used alongside a Bible in private study, one-to-one meetings or Bible study/home group settings. Perhaps the only challenge would be for users of versions other than the NIV.

I recommend this helpful resource. It is doctrinally trustworthy and able to help readers grow, through discovery of the riches of God’s truth set forth in Ephesians.

Tony Pietersen


Tony is the pastor of Emmanuel Church, Workington.
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