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European Missionary Fellowship
Jörg Müller Principal, EMF School
30 June, 2015 2 min read

Thirteen students from nine different countries, studying at the European Missionary Fellowship (EMF) School of Biblical Studies, gave ample testimony at its Open Day that the course had helped them to ‘know what they believe and why they believe it’. This confirmed ‘very broadly but profoundly what the objectives of the six-month course are’, said Jörg Müller, the school’s principal.

About 150 people gathered in the morning and afternoon of Saturday 9 May to meet the students, listen to their reports and encourage them, as they seek the Lord’s will for future ministry in their home countries. Of the 13 students, three come from the UK, two from the Hungarian-speaking part of Romania, two from the Czech Republic, and one each from Moldova, Spain, Ukraine, Uganda, Nigeria and Australia.

The Open Day comes two-thirds through the EMF’s six-month course, and in the services the students took part by singing and sharing with the congregation about their practical placement in Leicester — where they learnt about Hinduism and Sikhism — and helping at a holiday Bible club at Welwyn. In addition, two students spoke about living at Guessens and others gave their personal testimony. It was heartening to sense how they were discovering the gospel more and more and applying it to their time and circumstances.


The testimonies effectively endorsed that the main objectives of the school are being met. Apart from the school’s cognitive objectives, in teaching all aspects of theology, and its pragmatic objectives, in providing insights into various fields of ministry, the EMF also seeks to equip future leaders for Europe, nurturing motivation and character.

Over lunch break, refreshments were held at Guessens, a charming historic building and EMF’s headquarters and home of the school. Visitors were able to spend time in the garden, looking around the house and talking to the students.

The main speaker of the day was the lecturer on early church history, Steven Bowers, pastor of Cornerstone Evangelical Church, Brighouse. He took insights from Tertullian, Athanasius and Augustine on ‘Defending the truth about Jesus’ and ‘Developing a passion for Jesus’.

The graduation for this year’s students on 11 July again coincides with the European Huddle organised by students.

Next year’s school commences on 15 January 2016. The school runs from January to July. The speaker at the Open Day, 12 May 2016, will be David Green, vice-principal of London Theological Seminary (more information:

Principal, EMF School
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