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Evangelical obedience

Evangelical obedience
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Stuart Olyott
Stuart Olyott Retired, but active, Stuart Olyott preaches widely, but especially at Caergwrle Evangelical Church.
08 August, 2023 3 min read

Mr O, while I was on holiday I went to a church where – three times in one sermon – the pastor mentioned ‘evangelical obedience’.

That’s wonderful! Hardly anyone talks about it these days.

That’s certainly true, Mr O, because I have never heard the expression before. What on earth does it mean?

It’s easy to explain. Let me use an illustration. In the 16th century an English explorer in South America came across a Spanish soldier who was mercilessly beating a slave. To save the poor man’s life, the explorer intervened. He killed the soldier. He then told the slave that he was a free man. The victim’s reaction was to throw himself at the explorer’s feet and to exclaim, ‘Thank you! Thank you! I will now be your slave and I will serve you for ever.’

I think I’m getting the idea, but, to be sure, could you please explain all that to me?

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