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Expository Thoughts on Acts

Expository Thoughts on Acts
Tony Bickley Tony is pastor of Ebenezer Reformed Baptist Church, Brighton.
31 March, 2016 1 min read

Rather than a commentary, this is more of a daily devotional. It follows similar lines to J. C. Ryle’s ‘expository thoughts’ on the Gospels and is well worth a read.

It is not an in-depth study, but does open up some of the themes of Acts with ease and interest. It is well written and understandable; a good introduction to Acts that will enlighten and help the daily reader.

For that reason, I would say this title is not ideal for preachers preparing sermons. Rather, it is designed for everyday reading, so as to dig a little deeper beneath the surface of Acts.

Jonathan Redden is a surgeon, evidently drawn to the ‘beloved physician’ Luke’s writings in light of their similar occupations. I have to say that he does it very well. I, for one, will be using this in my daily devotions.

The book is full of helpful and interesting facts and textual exposition. The chapters on Pentecost, Sergius Paulus and Elymas were especially interesting. The focus on our personal gospel responsibility and on support for the church was also refreshingly blunt.

All parts of this book will be beneficial to any who read it. It is not a volume to be read in a few sittings, but rather one to be digested over time, as you follow the Acts of the Apostles.

Tony Bickley


Tony is pastor of Ebenezer Reformed Baptist Church, Brighton.
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