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Gearoid Marley inducted to Inverness Reformed Baptist Church

Gearoid Marley inducted to Inverness Reformed Baptist Church
Pastor Gearoid Marley (far left)
Jack Seaton Jack ministered for many years in Inverness.
30 August, 2023 2 min read

It was a joy to attend and participate in the induction service of Pastor Gearoid Marley in April.

Over 130 people attended, including Christian friends from local congregations as well as other fellowships from Glasgow, Dundee, and Stornaway. Friends and family travelled from other parts of the UK as well.

There were greetings from congregations from Devon, Suffolk, Salisbury, Wales, and other like-minded churches. The Kingsview Christian Centre kindly lent the building for the service.

The preacher for the day was Dr David Allen. He delivered a stirring message from 1 Peter 5:1-4 (where the apostle exhorts elders to shepherd their flocks). Dr Allen’s three points were ‘The Flock, the Following, and the Feeding’.

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