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God paints behind the wardrobes

God paints behind the wardrobes
Cassidy Muir / Pexels
Alan Thomas
Alan Thomas Professor and Consultant in Psychiatry. Elder at Newcastle Reformed Evangelical Church.
07 March, 2023 4 min read

There is a room at home I use for my academic work (and writing these articles for ET!) which we also use for guests. So along with a bed, we installed two large wardrobes. It was a great effort to build and fit these, and then we quickly filled them up with so much stuff there is little space for guests’ items!

Shortly after this, and thus exhibiting bad planning, we decided to redecorate. Once I’d begun painting I realised I needed to paint behind these wardrobes. I couldn’t face emptying and moving and then reinstalling them. After all, who would ever know the walls weren’t repainted there?

Of course God would know. But I realised that he would have painted behind the wardrobes because he is so generous and delights in his handwork in a way I fail to do.

Consider the cosmos. At night we can look up at the amazing array of stars and, if we have dark enough skies, be even more amazed at the vast number and the beautiful patterns from which ancients derived their constellations. We might take a telescope and penetrate further and find even more stars and wonder how many there are.

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