God’s amazing faithfulness!

Hannah Wright
01 December, 2010 1 min read

God’s amazing faithfulness!

You could say I used to be the average, second-generation Christian. My parents are Christians, their parents were Christians, and it goes back like that.

I was born into and raised in a church setting all my life. Looking back, it was obviously such a great benefit, because even when I wasn’t a Christian I was being taught truths about God and his Word, the Bible. These suddenly came into play once I became a Christian.

While this was in one sense great for me, it was also difficult in that it meant I was often ‘going through the motions’ of being a Christian and fooling myself into the sadly common misconception that sitting in the pew of a church makes you a Christian (just as the saying goes – sitting in a garage doesn’t make you a car!).

However, I became a Christian at around the age of 12 at a Girl Crusaders’ Union camp. This was after I had realised that actually I wasn’t saved and would go to hell if I had died at that point.

Time went by and I got baptised, but I really wasn’t producing much spiritual fruit at all, and wasn’t living the life that as Christians we are called to lead. Nor had I any Christian friends of my age.

I felt I had next to no zeal for Christ, who has given everything for us. However, our God is in control and while I was in difficult situations and at many times had forgotten Christ, he never ever forgot me.

My family moved up from Stanmore, Middlesex, in August 2009 to a place in Lancashire. There God gave me a fresh slate, with a lovely church and a bunch of great Christian friends, and most of all a desire to serve him – even though I have and will still fail him many times.

Over the previous year I joined a Christian group called Young Life. I’ve been doing beach missions in Belgium and Wales. God has blessed me so much and taught me so much about himself! Praise him for his amazing grace and faithfulness!

Hannah Wright

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