God’s amazing love

God’s amazing love
Rhys Curnow Rhys currently works for the Christian Institute.
01 December, 2016 1 min read

At one time, there was no more to my life than the plans I’d made of going to university, getting a job, maybe marrying, and having a family; then, I suppose, retirement and a few relaxing years — and what then?

I knew from reading the Bible and going to church that there was an eternity to face, but it seemed so distant. And, anyway, the world has so much to give me now!

I was just trundling along, doing what was expected. Sometimes I wished I was a Christian and had the peace and joy that Christians claimed to have, but it was too much effort to swim against the tide and believe that stuff.

One day, though, God really spoke to my heart through his Word, the Bible. The preacher was talking about eternity and the real hope Christians have of a great inheritance with God when they die.

The Bible says that this life is nothing compared with eternity, and what could be more important than staking your place with God when you die, knowing that he will accept you? God can’t accept my sinful life as it is, but Jesus lived a perfect life in my place and took the punishment that I deserve!

Being a Christian is not just for the future, but for now. Life is no longer aimless, but lived for God in response to his great love to me. Come and discover for yourself God’s amazing love and promises!

Rhys Curnow

Rhys currently works for the Christian Institute.
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