Gospel-Centred Life: Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be

Gospel-Centred Life: Becoming the Person God Wants You to Be
Gospel-Centred Life
Harry Coulter
01 June, 2010 1 min read

The book Gospel-centred life consists of fourteen short chapters, grouped together under three broad headings — ‘Gospel-centred change’, ‘Gospel-centred perspectives’ and ‘Gospel-centred living’.

Each chapter starts with a clearly stated principle which summarises the chapter’s teaching objective. This objective is then introduced by a number of real-life scenarios, developed through a Bible study, expanded on in a teaching section, and concluded by a number of questions for reflection.

The booklet challenges Christians to view everything from the perspective of the cross of Christ, allowing the cross to shape every aspect of their lives. It has a welcome emphasis on the place of the church, challenging the individualism of our age that is sadly too often found in the church also.

Chapter 11, entitled ‘Friends’, is actually about evangelism and the believer’s calling to speak to friends about Jesus. It helpfully views evangelism not as a duty but as something flowing naturally from ‘my delight in Jesus … We need to get excited all over again with Jesus. The more my friendship with him deepens, the more I’ll speak of him to others’.

In Gospel-centred life Timmis and Chester provide the church with a useful workbook on Christian maturity that lends itself to use in a wide range of settings.

The individual believer could use it in personal devotions with great profit. It could also be used in a one-to-one discipleship Bible study with a new convert. It would also make stimulating material for a church-based Bible study. It deserves wide usage.

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