Haiti storms

ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 October, 2012 1 min read

Haiti storms

A tropical storm, Isaac, hit the poverty-stricken nation of Haiti on 25 August, causing widespread misery for many families recovering from the earthquake of 2012.
   According to reports from Tearfund, most of the damage has been to homes, gardens and trees, as well as to agriculture and cattle. Some cattle have been carried away by the floods and some goats died in the storm.
   In Leogane, where Tearfund’s disaster management team has been based since the earthquake of 2010, radio, telephone and on-the ground messages were instrumental in helping communities to prepare for the storm.
   One Tearfund worker said, ‘In some areas the telephone system is down and there is no electricity. I am using a generator in my own home as there is no mains supply.
   ‘To those of you who have prayed for our country, we thank you and ask that you will continue to remember us in your prayers’.
   Isaac also damaged at least 13,000 homes in the state of Louisiana after coming ashore on the US Gulf Coast, killing seven people and bringing heavy flooding to areas near New Orleans.

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