Haiti – the facts

Haiti – the facts
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
01 August, 1998 1 min read

Area: 10,700 square miles.

Environment: western part of island of Hispaniola; two-thirds mountainous. Tropical climate, although cooler in the mountains.

Population: 7.1 million. 90% are Afro-Caribbean descendants of black African slaves; nearly 10% are mulattos (French and African descent).

Language and culture: French (official language); Haitian Creole. 33% are literate. The indigenous culture has a mixture of African, French and Caribbean elements.

Economy: Very few natural resources; coffee the main cash crop, also sugar, sisal and cacao. Deforestation, drought and soil erosion are major problems. 60% of the population live in poverty. Many have emigrated to America.

Religion: Roman Catholic 72%; Seventh-day Adventist 6%; Protestant 20%; others 2%. Many practise voodoo.

Denominations: Baptist; Pentecostal and holiness groups; mission churches; Episcopal and Free Methodist.

ET staff writer
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