Hebrews (Reformed Expository Commentary)

Hebrews (Reformed Expository Commentary)
Graham Hilton
01 June, 2007 1 min read

Author: Richard D. Phillips
Publisher: P&R Publishing
656 pages
Purchase from: Eden (£22.85)

This third ‘Reformed Expository Commentary’ has four aims common to the series, namely, to be biblical, doctrinal, redemptive-historical and practical. I hope that doesn’t put you off, because this exposition of Hebrews is also highly readable!It consists, in fact, of 52 sermons first preached by the author at Tenth Presbyterian Church in Philadelphia. It is warm, encouraging, evangelistic and true to Scripture. It is also great to dip into.For example, commenting on the folly of going back to daily sacrifices (Hebrews 10:11-18) the author writes, ‘It is unimaginable folly, despite the worldly pain of persecution for the sake of Christ, to go from forgiveness, peace and real access to God, back to the old situation of sin and its dreadful alienation. By his one and finished sacrifice, Christ has put away sin and made holy all who hold fast to him. No earthly prize is of such value; no worldly sacrifice is too great for such gain’ (p.345).Another example is on the Lord helping us in temptation (Hebrews 2:18) – ‘What all this means is that Jesus is able. He is able to understand what you are going through. He is able to hear you with a sympathetic and merciful heart when you cry out. What an encouragement that is for you in all sorts of trials and temptations to turn to the Lord in prayer. More importantly, Jesus is able to deliver you … knowing that death will not bring you harm but will bring you to Jesus’ (p.81).You can also read it cover-to-cover – read one sermon each week and have a whole year of challenging preaching! It will build you up, encourage your soul and warm your heart as ‘Hebrews teaches you how to read the Old Testament through a Christ-coloured lens’ (p.33).

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