Here we stand!

Andrew Lolley
01 January, 2006 1 min read

Each summer United Beach Missions (UBM) teams can be seen in their red t-shirts on seaside promenades and beaches testifying with love and friendliness to young and old about the Lord Jesus Christ.

‘Here we stand!’ was the title of a reunion weekend recently held at John Cleveland College in Hinckley, Leicestershire. It was chosen to recall Martin Luther’s declaration during the Reformation: ‘Here I stand; I can do no other!’ Luther identified with the Bible’s teaching that sinners can only be justified (accepted as righteous) before a holy God through faith in Jesus Christ.

The reunion’s theme was ‘confidence’; confidence in – our conversion (Vinny Commons), the Scriptures (Trevor Knight), our gospel (David Gayton), creation (David Harding), the Saviour (Steve Wright), our calling (Steve Taylor) and Christ’s coming (Gerard Chrispin).

The 500 people who came were those who went on beach missions this summer and prayer supporters. Their age range was from 15-70 years; there was very good fellowship between believers. Reports were given on beach missions in England, Wales and Ireland, as well as Missions Vacances (France), and the first beach mission in Marrotta, Italy, which ran for two weeks.

There was a report too on a significant initiative – the postal Bible club. This club for children from 4-16 years contacted by UBM teams had a very good response this season with 250 new requests to join. This is of great importance in 21st century, post-Christian Britain, where the fashion for sending children to Sunday school has long gone.

Thanks must go to those who organised the reunion this year as well as the catering team led by Beth Kneale, wife of the UBM Executive Officer Graham. Once again the college management staff provided excellent help and support for the 500 attendees, many of whom slept on the campus.

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