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Holiness is exciting!

Holiness is exciting!
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Dan Peters Dan Peters is minister at Newcastle Reformed Evangelical Church
21 July, 2022 3 min read

Every Bible-believing person must accept that holiness is important.

It is hardly a peripheral theme in the Scriptures. It is pervasive. Turn anywhere in the Old or New Testament, and you will not be far from a reference to holy living. But while unable to deny the importance of holiness, we may be unpersuaded of its glamour.

Driving provides an analogy. When on the roads we understand the necessity of keeping to the left, stopping at red lights, and using indicators at junctions. We take these matters seriously. All the same, observing the rules of the highway code does not excite us. Our pulses are rarely quickened by the thought of it.

We tend to regard salvation solely in relation to guilt. We equate it with being forgiven, being justified, being made immune to God’s condemnation.
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