Holy fire in Sri Lanka

Paul Hoole
01 October, 2006 1 min read

The people of Calvary Reformed Presbyterian Chapel (CRPC), of Colombo, Sri Lanka, had been eagerly anticipating the visit of Dr S. H. Tow (Singapore) in August to minister the Word of God and were not disappointed.
For three days he expounded the Bible’s teaching on the work of the Holy Spirit. Many remarked afterwards that, for the first time, they understood properly the regenerating work of the Spirit.
The seminars also examined the baptism and filling of the Holy Spirit. With the passing away of miraculous gifts, the greater work of the Spirit today is in the calling and saving of sinners by God’s Word, reconciling them to God in Christ.
The expositions helped our understanding and gave us a new desire for the filling of the Holy Spirit. A number of young people were helped to see the great difference between the teachings of the Charismatic movement and the Bible on the work of the Spirit.
Every message had the overarching theme of Jesus and him crucified. There was holy fire in the pulpit.
Before the conference began, Sri Lanka had been sliding into greater violence. Not far from where the preacher was staying, there was a major bomb blast. This made the conference messages all the more ­urgent.
On Friday night there was family worship at the pastor’s house, to which over fifty came. The exhortation was so relevant – the two spies Joshua and Caleb brought good news and the ten spies brought evil news and disaster; our need is to trust God’s Word completely.
On Sunday Dr Tow spoke to an attentive congregation on prayer. In the evening, he gave his testimony – recalling his salvation at the age of 10 in a time of spiritual revival, becoming professor of gynecology and obstetrics and director of a ‘baby-quake’ children’s hospital, and then becoming a preacher of the gospel of Christ.
All the messages are available on CD.

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