How Then Should We Worship?

How Then Should We Worship?
Andrew Coats
30 November, 2023 1 min read

Authors: Sam Waldron
Publisher: Evangelical Press
393 pages
Purchase from: EP Books (£15.99)

Some readers may have been given a Christmas hamper. When the hamper is opened you expect the usual fare of mince pies and Christmas puddings, but delving into the wood-shavings brings more and more pleasant discoveries of cake, biscuits, nuts, and chocolates. That is what you will find with How Then Should We Worship? by Sam Waldron. You will find he deals with the Regulative Principle of Worship, but then as you delve into the book you will discover a wealth of practical application and help related to the worship of God.  It informs and challenges your thinking. It encourages you to worship God according to what Scripture requires.

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