I felt life had no purpose; I was wasting away

I felt life had no purpose; I was wasting away
Monika Piotrowska and Artur Piotrowski
Monika Piotrowska
23 November, 2023 5 min read

My story wouldn’t be worth telling if it wasn’t for God. If I were to imagine a friend approaching me five years ago and telling me how much God would change my life, my old self would laugh in disbelief!

My name is Monika Piotrowska, and I am married to Artur Piotrowski, who is the minister of a church called Grace Baptist Maidstone in Kent.

I was born in Poland in 1988 and was raised as a ‘good’ Roman Catholic girl. However, I also saw and experienced New Age practices, as my parents were involved in both.

Struggling with sin

In my early teenage years, I struggled a lot with sin. I loved my family deeply, yet I could hurt them just as deeply too, and would end up feeling heartbroken.

Growing up, I also saw a lot of hypocrisy in the Roman Catholic church, where I was simply given a list of do’s-and-don’ts and told that I was a sinner. I never heard about the grace or mercy of God.

Meanwhile, New Age ideas suggested that I was inherently good and had a ‘divine spark’ within. I was at a loss! I was also torn over the heavy guilt I felt and my inability not to do what was wrong.

Things deteriorated to a point where I questioned whether it was worth even living. In the end I chose to sin and not feel bad about it (this does not work in practice!). I wanted to be god of my own life.

Running on empty

After graduating from university in Poland, I decided to move abroad and in 2011 I landed in Edinburgh, Scotland. While I was pursuing a career and selfish desires, God had been gradually working in my heart, though at the time I didn’t know it.

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