I love my transgender child. I love Jesus more

I love my transgender child. I love Jesus more
13 February, 2024 4 min read

Jesus connects family strife to bearing a cross (Luke 14:26-27), and I’m beginning to understand these verses personally. Following Jesus has led to a type of death between my oldest son and me, my wife, and our other children.

My son professed faith in Jesus at a young age. He consistently engaged in spiritual conversations with me, our family, and our church family. We taught the Scriptures in our home through words and actions.

So it came as a shock to us when, last year, he stated he had gender dysphoria and wondered if he was transgender. Within a few months, our 18-year-old firmly believed he was transgender and that an LGBT identity was compatible with Scripture’s teaching.

Asking why

My wife and I had many questions swirling in our minds: What had happened to our son? Did we do something wrong? Why didn’t God protect him? As we look back on what contributors might have led our son to this lifestyle, we can only land on a few.

First, an old friendship came back into our son’s life during covid shutdowns and grew over time. This friend was moving through the spectrum of the LGBT community. My wife and I encouraged our son to be faithful to the Word, which included showing love and grace to his friend.

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