‘I really want to be like Jesus’

Jason Ramsey
01 April, 2010 1 min read

‘I really want to be like Jesus’

Do you really want to be like Jesus? Is it possible we think we do, but really we don’t?
I have a friend who is a GP. When he decided he wanted to be a doctor he couldn’t do it without putting in the hard work. He knew he could be a doctor, but he needed to do the ‘heavy lifting’ in order to realise his dream.

We may say we want to be more like Jesus, but are we ready for the ‘heavy lifting’? The Christian life is rather simple. A lot of it revolves around reading the Bible, prayer, and what flows from those. And yet is our heart fully in it? Is being more like Jesus our all-consuming passion?

How long do we spend each day reading and pondering the Word of God? And let’s compare that to how much time we spend watching TV. Do we memorise as much Scripture as we can, so when we are out and about we bring it to memory and think about it?

Are we like loving children who can’t wait to talk to their heavenly Father? Or are we treating our Father like rebellious teenagers – trying to avoid talking to him at all costs, so we can get on with our daily lives? Let’s talk to the Lord and make it something we do more often.

We’re justified by grace alone. But there’s sanctification too. Do you say you love God and act like you don’t? So I leave you with a question that only your heart can answer, as mine must.

‘I really want to be more like Jesus!’ Do you?

Jason Ramsey

Re:formation is a group of young people who believe passionately in a high view of Scripture and a low view of man; desiring theology and preaching above emotion driven clichés. They aim to produce music that is both theological and God-honouring. If you would like to be kept updated email reformationband@ymail.com

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