It is now fashionable to ‘do God’ in Scottish politics

It is now fashionable to ‘do God’ in Scottish politics
Kate Forbes | SNP
John Brand
John Brand Principal of Edinburgh Bible College.
08 July, 2024 4 min read

Many years ago, Tony Blair’s right-hand man, Alistair Campbell, famously said, ‘We don’t do God’, although Blair somewhat changed his mind when he left No. 10, converting as he did to Roman Catholicism and saying that faith is an important part of our public discourse.

Well, it seems that not only God but actually being a ‘Christian’ is now very fashionable at Holyrood – as long as you are a certain sort of Christian. Specifically, you must be a Christian who keeps his mouth shut on biblical values or lives in a way entirely contrary to them.

In recent times, at least two high-profile MSPs have claimed during speeches in Holyrood that they are Christians, although the fact that they have done so raises some serious concerns that need to be addressed, not least because one of them was John Swinney, the new First Minister.

Kate Forbes

All of this came about because of the appointment of Kate Forbes to the position of Deputy First Minister, a fact that has enraged the Greens and not a few others.

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