Javed Bhatti (c. 1951–2023)

Javed Bhatti (c. 1951–2023)
Javed and Farhat Bhatti
Graham Heaps
Graham Heaps Graham is a retired pastor of Dewsbury Evangelical Church. He was converted as a teenager, but grew up in a home where God was never mentioned. He became a widower in 2017 and has 5 grown-up children.
30 May, 2023 2 min read

I was deeply saddened at the loss of my dear friend Javed Bhatti, but my bereavement was greatly tempered by the knowledge that he had thereby passed into the presence of the Lord he had loved and served all his adult life.

Having twice been an overseas student at London Theological Seminary, Javed moved permanently to the UK in 2001, invited by the leaders and members of Dewsbury Evangelical Church to become a gospel spreader among fellow Pakistanis in the old Heavy Woollen District of West Yorkshire.

Previously, Javed had served in Abbottabad, Pakistan, for many years. He worked as both a pastor and a full-time hospital chaplain and evangelist.

Javed worked alongside me for 13 happy years as our church’s ‘outreach worker’ to the large Muslim community in Dewsbury.

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