Jesus’s personality and character really struck me

Jesus’s personality and character really struck me
ET staff writer
ET staff writer
18 November, 2020 1 min read

I didn’t grow up in a Christian household, so I was never sure if there was a god of the universe out there. Even in the fleeting moments while I wished there was a powerful god, he just seemed vague and distant.

Like many, I wanted to seek happiness and fulfilment, so a successful career and loving relationships became a means to an end. By the time I reached my late 20s, I had a successful career in investment banking and many loving and caring friendships.

In spite of having abundant material things and loving people in my life, I never felt a sense of fulfilment which I expected to experience. There had been many happy moments, but they proved to be short lasting.

There was always the next goal to reach, and it felt like I was chasing after an endless dream. I was perplexed – is there anything out there that could quench my thirst once and for all for an everlasting joy and fulfilment?

A friend invited me to a Christianity Explored course. I did not know what to expect. During the course, I started to read the Bible in detail for the first time, and immediately I befriended this person called Jesus. His personality and character really struck me.

I was met by a perfect being whom I had never encountered before, his love for people was extraordinary. In fact, he so loved me that he chose to die in my place so that I can approach God with confidence and not be rejected.

When I whole-heartedly accepted Jesus’s selfless act of love for me, something in me clicked, and the void in my heart which I didn’t realised existed was instantly filled by joy and thankfulness.

Nowadays, no matter how stressful life can be at times, there is always a quiet peace residing deeply in my heart – God is sovereign, ultimately in control, ruling over me and the whole of the universe, and this same God is for me and loves me.


ET staff writer
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