Johnny Cornflakes: A Story About Loving the Unloved

Johnny Cornflakes: A Story About Loving the Unloved
Johnny Cornflakes
Lyn Davies Lyn lives in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
01 September, 2010 1 min read

This story, which is based on fact, illustrates how God can work in the most unexpected ways through the most unlikely people. The author tells of how God began to teach her to see others the way that God did. Her husband became pastor of a Baptist church in Chelsea, a high crime, dirty inner city on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.

It was the antithesis of everything she had ever known. She was in a state of shock for the first three months, refusing even to unpack many of her belongings. She says, ‘Directly in my daily path, God placed a mysterious, smelly, pestering old man, Johnny Cornflakes. This drunk had no home and no possessions. He was just one ugly, unlovable creature’.

However, Johnny Cornflakes taught her a lesson in loving the unloved that she says she would never have learned in the clean, comfortable surroundings she had always known.

Through various events and situations that occurred during their time there, she began to show concern for Johnny Cornflakes, which finally resulted in him having a room in their house. Many years later, after they had moved away, they were reunited and Johnny Cornflakes had stopped drinking, been converted and joined the church.

The spelling mistakes and American spellings are a small irritation in an otherwise very readable little book. It has 27 chapters, most of which are only three or four pages long. It is a simple story with a profound lesson we all need to learn.

Lyn lives in Thirsk, North Yorkshire.
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