Just start somewhere!

Bekky Stevens
01 July, 2010 1 min read

Just start somewhere!

We all need to read our Bibles, right? For me, towards the end of 2009 everyone seemed to be ‘moaning’ at me that I should read my Bible more, but I never knew where to start.

I had several daily devotional books, but they only had about one verse in, so even though they were nice to read, they weren’t really in the same league as the Bible. I decided as of 2010 I would read at least a chapter of the Bible every day, but knew that ‘at least a chapter’ would mean it would take me years to finish and I wanted to read the whole thing.

Someone at church gave me a sheet that broke the Bible down into a year’s worth of readings, so that if I read one section a day, after a year not only would I have read the Bible every day, I would also have read the whole Bible.

This breakdown splits the Bible into epistles, the Law, history, Psalms, poetry, prophecy and Gospels, meaning you read from a different book and benefit from different parts of the Bible every day.

Now I’ve been reading a section of the Bible every day so far in 2010, and will start again in 2011. I’ve found this very helpful to me, as it’s brought me closer to God and means every day I’m given a starting point and goal for the end of the year.

Sometimes if I go to bed too late, I fall asleep before I get the chance to do my reading. But then I can easily do it first thing when I wake up. It’s really important to read the Bible, even if you only read a chapter a day, to keep close to God and to keep learning more and more from his Word so we can be imitators of Christ.

I know, for me, the problem always was where to start. I want to encourage you to simply start somewhere. Do something; make sure you’re spending time in your Bible every day, because the enemy of our souls would love to stop us!

Bekky Stevens

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