Key questions on human sexuality answered

Key questions on human sexuality answered
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Matthew Seymour
Matthew Seymour Matthew Seymour is an elder and pastor at Emmanuel Church Leamington Spa.
18 March, 2023 4 min read

We live in days of widespread confusion about sexuality, gender, and LGBT issues. Have you ever encountered one of these situations?

Your child comes home from school and asks, ‘Is it possible for a girl to say that they want to become a boy? My teacher says that’s okay and most of my friends agree.’

A long-standing friend asks to meet for coffee and shares that they struggle with same-sex desire. They ask you for advice and support.

Someone begins to attend your church who is confused about their gender. They ask for help and counsel about what the Bible teaches on gender and sexuality.

Many Christians are confused about how to address these situations. However, we must respond with faithful biblical teaching, shared with genuine concern for those who are seeking answers.

Our confused world is affecting real people. Our children, young people and young adults need to know what the Bible says about their identity as people created in the image of God. They need to know what God says about the wonderful hope of the gospel for eternal salvation and real change.

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