Knowing true peace with God

Knowing true peace with God
Julie Cumming
01 December, 2016 1 min read

I grew up in a family which went to church every Sunday. Gradually I came to realise that attending church and living an outwardly respectable life did not make me a Christian. I needed to accept that God’s definition of sin included the self-centred attitudes of my heart.

Only by believing that Christ died on the cross to take the punishment I deserved and by turning to him in repentance and faith could I know true peace with God.

Now I am at home full-time, bringing up two young children of my own. As I look at the world into which they have been born, I see much which is evil. If it were not for my Christian faith, the responsibility of parenting would seem very frightening. However, I know that God is able to protect my children when I cannot, and that he is able to supply all their needs.

My one ambition for their future is that they will learn to put their trust in Christ, as I have done. I pray that I will be able to teach them the truth of the Bible, not only by what I say, but also by the example that I set for them.

Julie Cumming

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