Led to find Christ

Irene Ren Yi Fei
01 December, 2006 2 min read

I came to England from China for a short stay. One morning, I was trying to place a large bag of garbage into a bin outside the place where I was staying. I was struggling with the bag but a Chinese man passing by kindly volunteered to help me. I discovered later that he was a Christian.

I was touched by his thoughtfulness and we started talking. A few days later he invited me to visit his family, which I did. His wife and son gave me a warm welcome. We became friends from that moment.

The family invited me to attend a Chinese church located in Leicester Square in London. The people there gave me a warm welcome and I enjoyed it but a problem occurred in the church and I felt I should leave. I was sad because I had wanted to find out much more about Jesus Christ.

Feeling low, I went to a Chinese restaurant for my lunch and spent some time just walking around. I was like a flying bird without any clear direction. I remember meeting an Italian lady giving out literature in the streets, but continued walking around.

A changed life

At about 5pm I was about to leave Leicester Square when I met a group of Christians from the Open Air Mission who were sharing the gospel with passers- by. I had a long chat with a couple of these believers. It was as if they had appeared as a light to lead me in the right direction – towards Christ.

I felt low at the time but my mood changed when I met them. One invited me to the evening service at Westminster Baptist Church and as we were walking there we had a long talk about the Lord. The conversation left a good impression on me.

At the church the people gave me a warm welcome and after the service I sat with a lady who told me more about the Bible, the Lord Jesus, and the Holy Spirit.

I realised that Jesus came to die for me – my eyes were opened and I came to know the Lord for myself. I have never forgotten that evening and often speak about it to my parents, my Chinese friends and my sister.

Since my conversion, my life has changed a lot. I started attending the church on a regular basis and praying and reading the Bible. My whole outlook has changed for the better and I have received much help from spending time with other believers.
Recently I had to return to China, but I hope to come back to the UK in the not too distant future

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