Desi Maxwell
01 May, 2008 1 min read

Leviticus is like God’s kindergarten. It is a place where a master teacher is at work instructing his people about his plans and nature. Sadly it has been relegated by many Christians as one of the bits of the Bible that no longer speaks to the New Testament believer – which is a tragedy!

Every Bible reader who takes the time to go back to school with Leviticus will be richly rewarded. Here foundations are laid, and on the anvil of ancient Israel the vocabulary that we use daily was hammered out. The divine modus operandi is revealed and framework of redemption is put in place.

Robert Vasholz proves himself to be a good guide as he conducts us through this book section by section. What I really like is that he helps us listen to the word of God in stereo. Leviticus clearly does not stand alone, but the God who reveals ‘so much’ in it goes on to reveal ‘so much more’ in the later stages of Scripture. This commentary helps us toggle between Old and New Testaments reminding us of the unity of the whole Bible.

This is a helpful book that encourages us back to basics in the unfolding plan of God’s redemption.

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