Life through Christ

Life through Christ
Mary Burdis
01 December, 2014 2 min read

I came to live in Flint when I was four years old. It was a Saturday; and on the Sunday I was taken to Sunday school. I continued to go to church, took part in all its activities and eventually became a Sunday school teacher.

A few years ago an incident occurred which led me to stop attending the church. I now realise that if I had been a Christian I wouldn’t have left. My sister, Joan, would at times ask me to go to church, but I never would.

Around two years ago, John, a member of the church, took me out to look for a garden shed. While out with him, he asked me to go to church. I said I would and so started attending again. I didn’t feel any different; nothing had changed.

At the end of last year our new pastor arrived and he was like a breath of fresh air. His preaching was so enthusiastic; he preached that everyone needed to believe in Jesus, turn from their sins, receive Jesus as Lord and be born again.

Earlier this year, the church ran a Christianity explored course and Carol (John’s wife) asked me to accompany her on the course (she is already a Christian, but was doing this to encourage me to go).

As the course progressed, I realised it was having an effect on me. I began to feel different; I began to really believe. I later attended the baptismal course that followed and really understood that Jesus had died for my sins and was raised from the dead that I might have everlasting life. I knew then that I had received Christ into my heart and life.

I can’t say that it was on one particular day that I realised I believed and turned from my sins; it was a gradual process. I began to understand that I belonged to Jesus, and that I needed to follow his command to be baptised.

I hope and pray that you will know that your life too can be changed by Christ. Please don’t wait as long as I have (83 years); we don’t know how long we’ll have here on earth.

Mary Burdis

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