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Lifeline: How to know God from John 3:16

Lifeline: How to know God from John 3:16
Tony Bickley Tony is pastor of Ebenezer Reformed Baptist Church, Brighton.
01 February, 2013 1 min read

Lifeline – How to know God from John 3:16

Andrew Christofides

Day One Publications

80 pages, £5.00

ISBN: 978-1-84625-224-2

Star rating: 4 stars

On reading the introduction and aims of this book I had a nagging thought. The book is aimed at those with little understanding of the gospel and, judging from its layout and content, with only a small appetite for reading.
   The problem I foresaw was that even this small book might be too much reading for its intended audience. That being said, it does achieve all of its other goals.
   Lifeline usefully explains the gospel simply, accurately and in a way that is easy to understand. I think that anyone seriously seeking the truth would find many of their questions answered and, despite my reservations, I see this as a welcome addition to any church bookstall.
   The book works systematically through the text, explaining the existence and person of God and his love for the world of men; and showing that such love is demonstrated by the giving of his Son.
   The chapter explaining who Jesus is provides a helpful introduction to him; the explanation of the cross is graphic. The chapter relating to the words of the text ‘For God…’ was especially helpful. I thought the explanation of God’s person, presence and power thought-provoking.
   The closing chapter encourages the reader to seek God through prayer and reading his Word, and encourages those seeking the truth to find a gospel church, so that they might hear it preached.
   All in all, this book is perfect for its purpose, as long as its intended readership read it all the way through.
Tony Bickley

Tony is pastor of Ebenezer Reformed Baptist Church, Brighton.
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