Living the Psalms

Living the Psalms
David Shedden
30 April, 2024 1 min read

Authors: David P. Murray
Publisher: Banner of Truth
144 pages
Purchase from: Banner (£5)

Banner of Truth Mini Guides are short books aimed at introducing important themes in Christian living and believing. According to one social media comment, David Murray’s Living the Psalms is an especially helpful contribution to this excellent series. 

Murray’s book is practical without being shallow. In 13 chapters the reader is given a survey of the content and themes of the Psalms. But the emphasis throughout is how Christians can use the Psalms in their day to day life. This includes general principles for reading and understanding individual psalms. Chapters on learning from the Psalms and ‘painting in’ the Psalms provide good explanations of how to see patterns and doctrines in the Psalms.

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