Make Your Church’s Money Work: Achieving Financial Integrity in Your Congregation

Make Your Church’s Money Work: Achieving Financial Integrity in Your Congregation
Make Your Church’s Money Work
Kenneth Foot
01 April, 2009 1 min read

The wise handling of our own money is a challenge which we face daily, but the responsibility of handling wisely monies given to the church often weighs far heavier on the shoulders of those appointed to do so. This book, subtitled Achieving financial integrity in your congregation, shows how to deal with that pressure from first principles.

John Temple writes from experience and with knowledge of his subject, and his whole approach is founded on the Bible. He starts by suggesting that our guidance from the Bible is on four levels –– precepts, principles, precedents and freedoms. This guidance is then developed in chapters on stewardship, transparency, budgeting and financial control, members’ responsibilities, and remuneration of paid workers.

If treasurers and church leaders read the book, they should ensure that the chapter on members’ responsibilities is communicated to all in the church. That chapter alone, for the development potential for each member, is worth the cost of the book .

This book is easily read, yet thought-provoking. Much time and effort will have to be expended in order to implement the good advice given but, in these days when greater accountability is required of charities, it is unwise, not to say irresponsible or even illegal, to ignore such guidance.

Treasurers of small churches, when reading about budgets and departmental accountability, may be tempted to regard the advice as far above their needs. However, they must apply the principles. This book is relevant to all churches, large or small.

If we lay the foundations described here, our own church finances will be well ordered.

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